Clinical Policies & Procedures


Policies and procedures are consistently reviewed and revised. The topics below in blue have been approved. All other topics are still in the approval process.

    Advance Directives
    Assessment, Recovery Planning and Treatment

    Audio_Video Recording of Therapy Sessions
    Clinical Data and Data Management
    Clinical Supervision
    Continuum of Care
    Crisis Intervention
    Crisis Referral
    Crisis Response for Backup
    Distribution of Medication
    Emergency Medical Conditions and Post-Stabilization Care Services
    Family Involvement/Relationships with Advocacy Groups
    Fatality Review
    Forced Medication Hearing
    Informed Consent
    Intake Process
    Involuntary Commitment Procedure
    Laboratory Tests
    Medically Necessary Services
    Notice of Provider Termination
    Off Site Emergencies
    Peer Review
    Post Stabilization
    Practice Guidelines
    Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement
    Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement Plan
    Referrals/ Transfers/ Discharges
    Relationships with Advocacy Groups
    Representative Payee - Clinical Indications
    Risk Assessment
    Seclusion and Restraint
    Service Authorization
    Smoke & Tobacco-Free Environment
    Substance Abuse Admission and Treatment
    Supportive Employment / Diversified Employment Opportunities
    Tuberculosis Testing
    ‚ÄčUtilization Management